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Indianapolis Temple

Happy Father's Day

6/21/2010 04:41:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »
I know this is a day late and that Reed, since he is away at scout camp, is not going to see this post until the end of the week... But I still wanted to brag about my wonderful husband and the amazing father he is to our girls.

This picture shows off Reed's greatest talents as a dad- the ability to get down and play with Lara and Vivi, and not care what anyone else thinks. For instance, he'll show up at the Dancing Bunnies, just off of work, with dirt caking his legs, arms, and hair, without a swimsuit, sweaty, and he's still willing to run around with the girls and play. You can tell that Lara and Vivi love their Daddy! Happy Father's Day, Reed!


Hi Lowe! said...

Oh! Love it! Reed is a great dad! And you are a great mom!

Mr Lonely said...

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Julee said...

Reed, you are a super FUN daddy!!
And Valerie is a super FUN mommy!!
Lara and Vivi are blessed to have you as parents!