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Genevieve at 18 months

6/29/2010 06:39:00 PM Edit This 4 Comments »
I can't believe that it has been 18 months since Vivi was born! (I should say that this is a belated post. She was born on December 24th). She has grown so much just in the past few months. Yesterday, I was looking at pictures and there was such a difference between her in April and her now. Whoa.

A few Genevieve highlights:

1. Vivi is a mover and a shaker. She dances to anything! Hymns, Music Together songs, world music, Disney, etc. Her new trick- spinning around with her eyes closed. This means occasionally running into walls.

2. She loves to talk. She can talk in complete sentences, just not in a language I can understand. She has, however, mastered the words yes, eat, help, and more in sign language plus spoken.

3. She absolutely loves nursery. She went in a few weeks early, thanks to me teaching Sharing Time in June and Reed teaching the deacons. She was soooo ready. No separation anxiety trouble for that girl. She had been standing at the nursery door, knowing that there was fun inside, and me not letting her go in, for weeks. She would just stand there, knocking on the door, and crying to be let in.

4. Vivi loves her big sister, Lara, and wants to do everything Lara does. An absolute cute blessing.

5. Vivi continues to be quite the chunk. She weighs around 35 pounds, more than Lara.

6. Vivi loves to read books, especially Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Baby Bear, Baby Bear.

7. Genevieve is such a blessing in our lives. She is so cute and sweet and we know that she will be a wonderful older sister when the time comes. Genevieve, we love you!
The above picture is one from April. Below are some from June.

Love the thighs!


Natasha said...

She is so cute, Valerie!! Baby thighs are so adorable. :)

Hi Lowe! said...

OH! Oh! I really like Vivi! She's cute! Those are fun highlights about her. I wish I could see you guys more often! THANKS FOR POSTING PICTURES! =)

Suki said...

1. She was walking around with her eyes closed too yesterday. And then walked into a wall with her eyes open.

2. She says "I'm gonna get you" while putting tickle hands up near her face before chasing you around.

Anonymous said...

Oh my cuteness overload! She's absolutely adorable!