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Sweet Babies

4/06/2009 04:14:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »

There's a wonderful 24 hour stomach flu going around and I was hoping that we would be untouched. But Lara was sick last Wednesday and then again with an ear infection on Friday, Reed came down with it on Sunday, and Vivi started throwing up this morning. I, however, am not sick thanks to my supercharged immune system. (I haven't been sick in over 6 years).

Even in the midst of all the sickness, Vivi and Lara remain cute as ever. Some examples-

Nursing Vivi when she is sick with the flu is quite the chore. I have to feed her every hour for about 3-4 minutes so that she can keep it down. One of the times I was nursing her she just stopped, looked at me, smiled, and gave the cutest little giggle ever! I wish I had captured it on film because it was quite precious. It was like she was telling me "Don't worry, Mom. I'm still cute." I find it very telling that even when she probably feels like crap, she's able to find the humor in life.

Lara has become quite the blabber mouth in the past few weeks. She'll pop out little sentences when I least expect it. Things like "Hold on!", "Don't move", "That's funny", and my favorite "No Mommy, I don't want to", complete with the eye roll. There are times when Lara is urgently trying to tell me something but I have no idea what she's talking about. Like this afternoon she was crying "Mommy, Vivi Fire!" It took me a few minutes to realize that she wanted me to get a pacifier so she could give it to Vivi. Very cute.

A side note, thank you to my wonderful husband who stayed up till 3:00 am Saturday morning with Lara and let me have a nap on Sunday afternoon even though he was still sick. :)


Reed said...

;) we have beautiful girls!

Brown and Serve said...

I have been watching the bug go around me in circles. I am just waiting for it to hit... I hope it doesn't. Why does it seem like people are either doomed to be sick all the time, or never EVER get sick? Let's just say not one in our family is the EVER kind.

Suki said...

I'm doomed to get sick. I must have used up all my free passes in my younger years.

Glad to have made your day with my Managers story. There's nothing like reading a story and knowing of the truthfullness of the situation.