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Today we were driving to pick up my brother for a family event.  At an intersection I noticed a woman, probably early 20's, sitting with a "Homeless and Hungry" sign.  I felt so bad that I didn't have anything to give.  I had already given my food pack that I keep in the car for this purpose, and I hadn't refilled it yet.  I turned the corner and a few seconds later a little voice pipes up from the back "Mommy, I just saw a girl on the side of the road.  She's homeless and hungry and that makes me so worried."  I didn't realize that Vivi had noticed and had time to read the whole sign.  She has such a tender heart and really wished she could do something to help.  We discussed some ways that we could be better prepared next time and I told her that, as a family, we can find some ways that we can serve in our community.

Our church has put together a new website that is available for all organizations that are seeking volunteers.  The website is free to use and easy to navigate.

I can look up organizations in our area, see what projects are available, and can even make sure that children can participate.  Reed and I talked about choosing something for family home evening once a month.  Vivi really liked this idea and we also talked about that, as soon as possible, we'll put together some more food bags to keep in the van.  I am grateful for the opportunity to talk with Vivi about her love and desire to serve her fellow human beings.  And in the future I will be more prepared to help.