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Indianapolis Temple

Cupids for an Hour

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Last month Reed and I were hanging out with friends and at the end of the evening all the wives had a pow-wow in the ladies restroom.  Hey, where else can we do our scheming?  Theresa had the idea to surprise our husbands with a Valentine's Day event and Emily came up with idea to go archery shooting.  Perfect!  Our guys had no idea until they got there.  I give myself a pat on the back for surprising Reed because I was borrowing my family's bows and I had to hide it from him.  We had fun shooting and then we had fun eating :)  What a fun day!

AJ and Emily trying out the compound.

I like the accuracy of the crossbow.  Not so much the cocking  of it.

Theresa and Chad

All 3 guys at the shooting line
"The safety's on Old Betsy"