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Last Thursday I left on a vacation with my family to Buffalo, NY which included trips to Palmyra, Niagara Falls, and Darien Lake.  At Darien Lake, an amusement park, I hurriedly rushed Lara and Vivi to the bathroom with my camera in my hand.  5 minutes later I realized I left my camera in said bathroom and ran, and I mean ran, to go retrieve it.  Gone.  I rushed to the security office to see if someone had returned it and filled out a report.  I knew I would never see the camera again.  I don't care about the camera, it was on it's last legs.  What I want is the SD card.  Pictures from the Hill Cumorah Pageant, the girls on the trolley at Niagara Falls and climbing the rocks, from rides at Darien Lake.  Pictures I can never get back.  Luckily I had recently uploaded past pictures to the computer so I only lost pictures from this trip and I can only laugh at the dishonest people who took my camera.  The zoom doesn't work, the button to control the flash doesn't work, the display screen was gradually turning black, and sometimes the lens shutter didn't fully open.  Haha, people.  If you really needed a camera so badly that you needed to semi-steal one then you deserve it.  I just wish you would return the SD card with adorable pictures of my adorable girls on it.


The Story of us said...

That is so sad. Kink of one of my worst fears too. It sounds like such a fun vacation. I really want to take my husband to do all of those things so he can see where I grew up.