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Mariella's Blessing

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Mariella was actually blessed back in August but I just realized that I hadn't posted about it. Soooo... anyways.

I am horrible at remembering to write things down during all of our girls baby blessings. Luckily Reed remembers a few things about Lara and Vivi's that he wrote in his journal. Fail for me. For Mariella's blessing a few members of our ward were so thoughtful and wrote things down for me. They were huge life savers! Thanks to them, we actually have a hard copy of her blessing. I found Mariella's blessing dress on Etsy ( and it has been the fanciest and most expensive blessing dress that I have purchased so far. But it was absolutely gorgeous and just perfect for Mariella who had been through so much in the first week of her life.

We were thankful to have so many family members that were able to attend. Almost all of my siblings were there, minus Uncle Jonathan who is serving a mission, and Auntie Jamie plus company who couldn't get out of duties at church (they came later for food fun). Reed's family in the area were in attendance. This was the first time we've blessed one of our daughters during church so it was a new experience trying to fit in family photographs. But we did! My visiting teacher is a great photographer and did all of the photographs for Mariella's blessing. (Check her blog out-

I am grateful to have a husband who is able to use the priesthood to bless our family. He really tries to be in the best mindset for the blessing so he can be in tune with the spirit. Love you!

Mariella Nova Robinson

Blessing given on August 7, 2011

By her father, Reed Robinson, Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
-You are very special in Heavenly Father’s eyes. His desire is that you will live life in
joy and happiness.

-It was not a mere chance that you came to earth at this time.

-You will be able to assist in preparing the world for Jesus Christ and His Second
Coming through diligence in your example and deeds.

-You were born to a family who loves you dearly and provides for you temporal
means and to help you build a spiritual foundation.

-Bless you with loving kindess and gentle meekness.

-Bless you to have a sweet calm to share among your family members and those you
associate with.

-Bless you as you go through life that you will learn and understand to heed the
guidance of the Holy Ghost and to have a clear direction in your life so that the Holy
Ghost will cover you from the evil one.

-Bless you with a knowledge that as you remain faithful to the commandments that
no blessings will be withheld from you.

-Bless you that through your faithfulness you will have joy in eternal blessings that
come from keeping covenants.

-Bless you with all other blessings that Heavenly Fathers sees fit.


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful that Reed is able to do the blessings for your children. Thank you for sharing this special moment.