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Indianapolis Temple


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Suki and I were at our piano lessons when our teacher's husband called and told her to turn on the TV. It was a little surreal, watching the plane crash, like it was dream and not really happening. A friend brought over a small tv to our family's house, knowing that we didn't have channel reception, so that we could watch the news. And we did for the rest of the day.

At this point in time, I don't care if the Taliban were behind the attacks, or if it was an Illuminati-controlled event, or if it was an "inside" job. The fact is that a lot of innocent people lost their lives and that is the great tragedy.

I have a testimony that there is a living God who loves us and who didn't abandon us that day. Although I may not understand everything that goes on in this world, I do know that he is a just God. I was comforted on that day ten years ago and still am today knowing that this life is not the end.