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I am a Full-Time Mom

6/01/2011 05:55:00 PM Edit This 0 Comments »
There are a few terms in our culture that I have taken it upon myself to strike from our language. Okay, a little dramatic but I do dislike some of the terms that are becoming prevalent in our society. One is "autistic children" but that is another post. I'm focusing on the terms "full-time mom" and "working mom".

1. Working mom- This term is used to label women who work for an income outside of the home and it has the negative connotation that stay-at-home moms don't work. *Ahem*, it's a lot of work to stay at home. I know, not because I've done it yet but because my mom did it with 7 kids and all homeschooled. Not saying that we were the most challenging kids ever (maybe she would disagree) but I know we were a handful. Replace the term "working mom" with "employed mom".

2. Full-time mom- There is nothing wrong with being a full-time mom. What's wrong with this term is that it is usually referring to stay-at-home moms. News flash! You can never take the mom out of an employee. I belong to an employed mothers meet-up group and none of them would ever say that they can leave the mom part of them home or at the daycare with their child. I am doubly lucky that my children can be cared for at my actual workplace but not everyone has that luxury. Even with that, I am a full-time mom and always will be. Replace this term with a more specific term, either "stay-at-home mom" or "employed mom."