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Easter Basket Tutorial

5/17/2011 05:15:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
I am not crafty and probably never will be. I prefer to pay other people to make handmade items for me or my girls rather than spending the time to make them myself. When we get a house that I want to decorate, I will most likely pay an interior designer and decorator to do it for me. That's just me. But there are 4 things that I make myself for my kids- Easter (or in our house, spring bunny) baskets, birthday cakes, Halloween costumes, and Christmas stockings. I like finding patterns that are easy and right up my alley. Therefore, I was excited when I found this tutorial for an ultra cute Easter basket for Vivi. I pretty much followed the pattern exactly except for these few changes. 1. Don't buy the whole package for 6/32 cotton filler cord. You don't need that much and it's cheaper to get it by the yard. 2. I opted for a shallower basket so that the circumference could be wider.

I didn't ravel the fabric exactly like the tutorial, not on purpose. But it still turned out really cute and I have enough fabric left to make another one. I bought the honeybun off of Ebay, using a different set than on the tutorial. Still cute!


Melody said...

I'm not crafty at all either, but I wish I was! I think part of the problem is not having the money to get the things to make the crafts...