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A Good Deed

4/28/2011 06:36:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
A few days ago I was taking a late night grocery shopping trip and stopped by the local fire station to drop off recycling. The bins were bursting at the seams and I, being short and having a little bit of a pregnancy belly, was having a hard time keeping the lids open while I was dumping the recycling (which there was a lot). A very nice man drove up and dropped his recycling off but before driving away he stopped by my van to let me know that there was more room in one of the far bins. I thanked him and drove my van up to the bin to finish unloading. A few seconds later the man drove up again, got out of his car and said "You know, if my wife was out here I would want someone to help her." He held the lid open for me and helped me dump the rest of my recycling. I was having a bad day and that just ended it on a great note. So, thank you to the nice man.


Melody said...

Aww, that was really nice of him! I like nice people. They make everything better. :)

Jim said...

One of the Pittsburgh newspapers does a column called "Random Acts Of Kindness." Its all about the total strangers who return your lost wallet or change your tire in the rain. Your story would fit right in. One of the few positive things in the daily news.