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2/05/2011 06:11:00 PM Edit This 4 Comments »
On Monday Reed and I took the girls to the ultrasound so they could see the new baby. Vivi was a little nervous about letting me lie on the chair and having this thing on my belly but Reed was able to calm her enough so she could look at the pictures. Lara was spellbound and quietly curious. She is very excited about the prospect of having a new baby in the house and whenever anybody asks what she would like her reply is "A baby brother, because I already have a sister." I can't seem to explain to her that we will have more children and she will most likely have multiple little brothers and little sisters. :)

Don't bother asking what we're having, we don't know! It'll be a boy or a girl because I'm sure it's human. The top picture is of the baby's little foot and the bottom is the facial profile. The baby was yawning when the technician took the profile picture. Kind of makes it look weird but I thought it was cool! Certainly a very active baby, constantly moving and playing with his or her feet. Luckily, Reed and I agree on names this time around so the process will be easy once the baby gets here in June. If a boy, Jaron Reed (this has actually been picked out since before Lara was born) and if a girl, Mariella Nova (pronounced the french way, of course).


Melody said...

Did you not find out the gender on purpose, or was it shy like mine? Great ultrasound pictures!

tlaulusa said...

And what is the pronounced the French way, of course?

Nicole said...

Awe! :) One of John's nurses explained her thoughts on waiting to know. She said it is not often that you experience good medical surprises and that is why they decided to wait. I really like that thought.

In a few months, you'll have a wonderful new addition to your family. That's exciting! :)

Valerie said...

Melody, it was totally on purpose. Nicole, I totally agree with the nurse and that's one of the reasons we like to wait. It's one of the things you can't control (although I'm sure even THAT will change in the future) and you might as well enjoy every minute of it.

Mom, M-ah-ri-ella with a french r sound. I'll just show you on Saturday since I can't type a french r.