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9/04/2010 04:59:00 PM Edit This 5 Comments »
Just an hour east of Yellowstone there is a small town named Cody, Wyoming where we stopped for dinner. Sometimes we post things on here to make things official and also so we can look back and see if we actually did it. So here it is- Reed and I absolutely fell in love with the area so we've made it a goal to move there! As soon as we are debt-free and I don't have to work, we will be buying land out in Cody, maybe even building our own house. We, of course, will have chickens, horses, and maybe a few beef steers.

Here is one of the properties on my list of dreams-

Isn't it beautiful?


Reed said...

and some bison!

Sami Dara said...

Gorgeous! What a great plan.

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous and not nearly as pricey as I would imagine for so much space (you are like, the most awesome person at finding things :-) ). It's an awesome plan for you guys! :-)

The Story of us said...

Wyoming ha? Who would have guessed that it would be so beautiful! Well, it looks like a little piece of heaven:)

Natasha said...

I wholeheartedly agree! I served part of my mission in Cody, Wyoming and absolutely LOVE it there! Good choice in place to live!