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12/04/2009 06:05:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »

Last week we started potty-training Lara and after the first few days she's done a phenomenal job! I'm so proud of her but that's not the real reason I'm blogging tonight.

There are a few weird things that I've thought about during this whole process and I've decided to share them. Lucky!

1. Who decided to potty-train children and when did that happen? Were kids potty-trained in ancient Greece? I know that every culture has their own version of where and how to go to the bathroom but did everyone systematically teach their kids that version? Just wondering.

2. Is there anything else in the world that can get grown human beings get so excited about seeing poop and pee in a little potty?

3. Did you know that the bladder is a smooth muscle and it's not supposed to be voluntary? Human beings are cool creatures though and we adapted!

So there. My thoughts on potty-training.


Hi Lowe! said...

woo-hoooo!!! Go Lara! =) It is exciting! And I don't know why! =)

Anonymous said...

Yay Lara!

In response to #1) I've heard that most other places use "elimination communication" and just hold the child over, well, where ever you go potty. This is started pretty much at birth. :-)

Jamio said...

My bladder doesn't feel very voluntary to me, sometimes.