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3/25/2009 06:57:00 PM Edit This 4 Comments »
Wow, can't believe that it's the top 10 already. Yay for motown night because those songs are great! Top performances- Adam Lambert and Matt Giraud. Most disappointing but I still want her to stick around- Megan Joy Corkey. Most surprising- Anoop Desai. Should get voted off- Michael Sarver.


Sam said...

I really like reading your judgements on the performances. I think Michael Sarver should have left a while a go.

Valerie said...

He's an O.K. singer but his facial contortions while he sings are really annoying.

Suki said...

Jared and I don't like Megan. We find her voice annoying.

And Adam was instantly named "the Lindey man".

Valerie said...

The Lindey Man? I don't get it. Because Lindey would like him?