Indianapolis Temple

Indianapolis Temple

Day 10-14

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One more week to go...

Day 10

  1. Breakfast- Green Smoothie with coconut water, avocado, kale, and mango
    1. I used fresh coconut water although I've heard you can buy packaged coconut water in some health food stores.  I wanted to try my hand at cracking fresh coconuts and draining the water since I am part Samoan...  so I should be able to do it quite handily.  Meijer's had pre-scored coconuts so they were easier to break apart.  Reed first drilled two holes so I could drain the water and then I smashed them on our back porch step.  How thrilling!
  2. Lunch- Indian food
    1. The music therapy department at HHC has a tradition of taking our interns out to lunch for their end-of-their-internship celebration.  One of our interns this time around picked an indian restaurant.  So I stuck close to the chicken and veggie dishes although I did have one piece of naan and one bowl of rice pudding.
  3. Dinner- Berry Shake with coconut milk and cinnamon
    1. Yummy!  This used coconut milk plus some meat from my coconuts.                                                               

Day 11
  1. Breakfast- Apple Kale Sprout and Radish Juice
    1. This was the absolute worst.  It was totally my fault.  I misread the recipe and put one whole radish (and it was daikon which was huge) instead of one CUP.  It was incredibly gross.  I choked down 8 oz of the juice before I gave up.  And I was so mad that I had a small brownie.  
  2. Lunch- Leftover Coq au Vin
  3. Dinner- Leftover Zuchinni Basil Soup

Day 12
  1. Breakfast- Becky's Morning Shake with almond milk, avocado, protein powder, and flax meal
    1. I actually made this the night before as my dessert and it made a ton so I had it for breakfast also.  I used Melaleuca's chocolate protein powder.  Really good and it was an awesome dessert.
  2. Lunch- Lamb Tacos
    1. This was actually a lamb patty cooked in coconut oil with summer squash.  Oh so delicious.
  3. Dinner- Green Coco Smoothie with coconut water, avocado, spinach, and cashews
    1. Surprisingly good since it doesn't sound appetizing.  The cashews gave a nice salty flavor to the otherwise bland smoothie.
Day 13
  1. Breakfast- Apple Ginger Lemon and Spinach Juice
    1. One of my favorites and I think it's because I like sour candy.  If you don't like sourness, this is not for you.  You probably could change the green apples for red to make it less punchy, but I prefer the Granny Smiths.  
  2. Lunch- Leftover Lamb Tacos
  3. Dinner- Leftover Zuchinni Soup
Day 14
  1. Breakfast- Creamy Blueberry Shake
    1. Word from the wise, do not eat this shake before going to a social function unless you brush your teeth.  We were sitting in sacrament meeting before Reed mentioned that I still had bits of blueberry smoothie all over my teeth.  This particular shake was made with chia seed gel which is what happens when you soak chia seeds in water.  Sounds and looks gross, but I couldn't taste it in my shake so it's a win-win.
  2. Lunch- Leftover Blueberry Shake
  3. Dinner- Zuchinni and Sesame Seed Hummus
    1. I think I would have liked this better if I had made it correctly.  I dumped the soaking sesame seeds into the blender with the water and I think I should have drained it first.  So it came out more soupy.  The hummusy soup was a little zippy thanks to some cayenne pepper and was really good!  Just not solid enough for dipping.
I have lost 2.5 more pounds this week for a total of 8.5 pounds!  I really, really, really, really need to drink more water.  I am terrible at that and it's such an integral part of this cleanse!  That is my goal for this week- drink more water.


The Story of us said...

You are doing so well with trying new recipes! I ended up eating the same thing over and over again because I was a little lazy. Great job so far! How are you feeling? Noticing any differences?

Reed said...
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Valerie said...

Marly, absolutely! I feel great- lots of energy, not as sluggish in the morning, and I am definitely liking the weight loss. I've been trying to lose the baby pounds since Mariella was through nursing. I think this is the trigger I needed. Just in time for us to start thinking about another baby... :) I have liked this cleanse so much that I am going to have it be a tradition. Every time I am done nursing a baby, I will complete the cleanse.